Starting A Blog For Money

Blogging For Money

Start A Blog and Get Paid Doing It

By the way, this isn’t no Empowerment Network bullshit. Getting paid for blogging is way simpler than joining some flashing blogging network that requires an investment. In fact, you can get started 100% free of charge. Of course, if you host your own blog, you’ll have more control over the look and feel of it, as well as have more options for internet monetization.

But before you actually create a blog and start thinking of how to monetize it, there’s something even more important to consider. The content. What the hell is the blog going to be about. Sure it could just be a “personal blog” and contain anything you want it to, but niche blogs and sites have a better chance of ranking higher in search engine. That’s because all the content, backlinks to the blog, blog name, ect is all focused around one common theme. Search engines such as Google pick up on this, and niche sites definitely always have a better chance at ranking when compared to a page on a topic on a “general site”. There are exceptions (high PR sites with good backlinks to particular page) but in general this is usually the case.

So, before you even start considering how to make money off your blog, you must first decide what your niche is going to be. Think of hobbies, specialties, ect. Something you know a lot about it way easier to write about. Picking the niche is the most important part. This is the blog itself. Thinking how to make money off of the blog, before determining the blog itself is putting the chariot way before the horse.


“Hosted” Vs “Self Hosted” Blog

The next step is to determine whether you want to be hosting the blog yourself, or go with a “hosted blog”. Examples of hosted blogs are, Blogger, LiveJournal, ect. The advantage of hosted blogs are that they’re free. The problem is, they’ve got stricter content policies and monetization policies. If you’re going for the internet monetization approach, I’d highly suggest hosting your own blog. You’ll have to pay around $10 for a domain name and a couple dollars per month (depends on plans) for a starting hosting account. You can piggyback multiple websites on a single hosting account, so each additional blog will only have the domain name as an expense.

That doesn’t mean that hosted blogs don’t have their place in internet monetization. It’s real easy to setup niche blogs on specific subject matters. Those blogs can also contain backlinks back to your various other websites, which drives traffic and helps boost the search engine rankings.

For hosting, I’d suggest A2 Hosting. They’re badass and *NOT* owned by EIG (important).

I’ve got a guide that walks you through the hosting and website signup process. Not going to go through all that in this post, as it’s more about blogging for money.


How To Make Money Blogging

There are many, many, many, many ways to make money off the internet. Just browse this site for ideas. What’s available for monetization goes back on the niche (what your blogs about). Certain niches have more possibilities for monetization than others. Here are some real basic examples of ways to make money off a blog.

Display Ads – Display advertisement,s pop-ads, ect. There are many publisher ad networks that you can sign up for. Simply place the codes to display ads on your blog. The ads will automatically appear on your blog. Which ads are displayed depends on a lot of things, including the website’s niche, what advertisers are bidding the highest, ect. Display ads either pay out based on clicks, impressions or a combination of the two.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is when a company will pay publishers for promoting their brand. Publishers are given special tracking URLs. When a publisher makes a sale, they get paid a commission.


Driving Traffic To Your Blog

You can’t make money off a blog if there’s no traffic being generated. Driving traffic can either be incredibly easy or incredibly difficult. It all depends on the niche. Big niches are usually way more competitive, but will also yield greater traffic if you’re able to stand out from the crowd. Less competitive niches are easier to dominate, but will produce less traffic, though that doesn’t mean lesser income. Here are the main methods you should be using to drive traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO should be your main priority. Google offers a wealth of traffic. Best of all, the people on Google are searching for content. This means that they are already willing to act or purchase (unless they’re just researching, but you can still nurture them). That makes search engine traffic some of the most qualified traffic. Here’s a real basic SEO 101 tutorial I wrote.

Social Media – Social media is free (for the most part) and certain content has the potential to go viral. Start building up a following as soon as possible. The bigger following means the more people your content reaches every time it’s published. Also be sure to hashtag (when possible) all the content with relevant hashtags. If you’re using a CMS (see the website building guide I linked to) then there’s tools out there that can automate the social media posting.

Direct Marketing – This means email, SMS direct mail, ect. Email is the most efficient method. There are many great email marketing platforms. If you want free email marketing, I’d suggest MailChimp. If you’re willing to pay a couple bucks, the best “mainstream” email marketing platform, in my opinion, is ActiveCampaign.