How To Start A Website

Starting A Website

If you are trying to make money off the internet, knowing how to start a website is very important. Your own website is the easiest method of online monetization. If you are trying to make money off a free hosted blog, they’ve got rules and regulations. Most blogging platforms don’t like affiliate marketers and might view your content as spam.

But when you’ve got your own website, you set the rules! (As long as it’s within the law and the ToS of hosting provider)


Website Name and Hosting

The first step is registering the website name and hosting. I prefer GoDaddy for my domain name registration and A2 Hosting¬†for web hosting. For a startup, shared hosting will work perfectly. The baby plan is great as it allows for unlimited “add-on” domains. This means that you can be running multiple niche sites all piggy-backed on the same plan. Of course there are restrictions as far as CPU usage and running processes, but for a beginner it shouldn’t be a problem and it’s a great place to start.


Installing WordPress Platform

I would highly recommend building the website using the WordPress platform. WordPress is an incredibly robust blogging platform that can be used for web development. Since WordPress is open-sourced, it’s 100% free to use (minus premium themes and plugins) and has a robust 3rd-party developer community.

Installing WordPress is easy. The video embedded above outlines how to install WordPress onto the hosting package. Alternatively, if Fantastico is available in the CPanel, the database and WordPress can all be installed with the click of a button.

Now it’s time to get out there and make some cash!