Make Money Off of Crackle

Crackle Money Making Method Here is a real quick money making method for Crackle. Crackle (like a lot of tube-like sites) offers an embed code for their content. That makes it very easy to embed the content into a website or blog. Simply rock some SEO, toss up display ads and watch the revenue come […]

Make Money Off UStream

UStream is a free live broadcasting platform. It allows for amateur garage-band style talk shows, as well as the broadcasting of live events, news and more. Both huge brands and enthusiasts are leveraging this powerful platform. But like anything on the internet, one must speculate how to make money off of it.   Add Affiliate […]

Make Money Off CPA Grip

Make Money Off CPA Grip Are you a publisher looking to make money off CPA (Cost Per Action)? We’ve got a platform for you. CPAGrip allows for a number of various ways to monetize your content, including CPA offers and content lockers. Here are some of the ways to make money off CPA Grip:   […]

PPL vs PPS vs Rev-Share – My Opinion

So I decided to do an opinion post comparing all the various types of payout types usually offered by affiliate networks. For those that don’t know; PPL (Pay Per Lead) –¬†Publishers get paid for referring leads. This is usually in the form of creating free or trial accounts. The payouts per registration are usually low […]

Make Money As A Webcam Model

Have you ever considered becoming a webcam model? Assuming you’ve got a computer, webcam and internet connection, you’ve already got everything you need! Being a webcam model is a great way to make extra income, while working from home. Models choose their own hours. Work as much as you want, or as little as you […]

Make Money Off Of Dead Horses

I read this funny story about a man auctioning a dead horse and had to share it: Just goes to show what a little creativity can do. Although I doubt very many people will ever end up in a situation like this, I’m sure the same concept could be applied to various other raffle stunts/

How To Earn Money Answering Quora Questions

Make Money Off Quora Quora is a very popular social networking site for asking and answering questions. People post their questions, ask specialists to answer and all the answers get voted up or down. Quora doesn’t allow for affiliate links, meaning it can’t be monetized directly. Quora can still drive conversions though. Here’s how to […]