*Stickied* List of Ways To Make Money


Here you go, the master list of ways to make money. As new techniques are added to this website, they’ll also be added here. This post will be stickied, as so it always hovers right there at the top. I’ve separated the methods into 2 categories: Free, and those that cost a little bit of investment. Just for the stingy people or those too pussy to put some money on the line.


Free Methods of Making Money

Become A YouTube Publisher – YouTube pays their publishers a commission of the AdSense revenue generated by the YouTube ads. As long as you own the rights to your work, you can get paid for your videos! You can also make money by placing affiliate links and coupons in the video itself.

Make Money Selling Hitleap / Empireviews Points – Hitleap and Empireiews are autosurfer networks. Users generate points for having a pop-up window cycle through websites. These points can be sold for profit.

Get Paid Sharing Links – There are many link sharing publisher networks out there. They display advertisements alongside the linked-to content. Publishers get paid based on the number of clicks.

Make Money Off Posting Blog Comments – Make some money simply by posting comments on any WordPress blog. Has to be a blog with the stock comment system enabled.

Sell Ebooks on Ebay – Ebooks are completely free to produce (just requires time) and can make money several different ways.

Make Money Off UStream – UStream is a popular platform for streaming live shows and events. Check out all the ways to monetize the platform.

Make Money Pimpin Camgirls – Get paid referring camgirls to various model referral programs and affiliate programs.

Get Paid by Blogging on BlogSpot – Blogspot integrates with Google AdSense, making it real easy to start earning in no time. Simply write blog posts and earn.

Get Paid Answering Quora Questions – Make money answering questions on Quora.

Make Money Off Video Games – Make money promoting your favorite video games.

Make Money Off Referral Programs – Referral programs are great because you’re profiting off the work of others.

How To Make A Passive Online Income – Some simple methods for making a residual income online. Some methods don’t require any investment while others require domain names and hosting.

Get Paid For Blog and Forum Posts – Get paid to post on blogs and internet forums. Wide selections of categories to choose from.

Make Money Off Public Domain YouTube Videos – YouTube publishers are able to monetize public domain videos uploaded to YouTube.

Make Money As A Webcam Model – Get started in the adult industry. Assuming you’ve already got a computer, webcam and internet connection, you can get started today at no additional cost.

Sell Fake Facebook Accounts – Build up fake Facebook profiles and sell them over the internet.

Make $100 Per Day Redeeming Cans – No joke. The homeless population taught me the secret.

Start A NSFW Tumblr Blog – Tumblr is very viral and very liberal about the content and ads placed on their site. It’s easy to create automatic Tumblr money machines!

Make Money Off CPAGrip – CPAGrip is a CPA network for publishers. They offer multiple tools and ways to make money with their platform.

Make $10 Just For Signing Up – The catch? You need to convert 2 web hosting customers through the program. You’ll earn the commissions plus a free $10 that’s added just for joining.

HitLeap and Shortest Autopilot Method – Make autopilot money using HitLeap and shortest on a Blogspot blog.

Make Money With MyLikes and Twitter – MyLikes is a publisher network for sharing content across many social networks.

Make Money Off Fiverr and Craigslist – This method is real simple; Find someone looking for a service on Craigslist and find someone offering it on Fiverr. Outsource to Fiverr and mark it up!

Linkbucks NSFW Money Making Method – Make money off LinkBucks and NSFW Tumblr blogs.

Make Money Off Pinterest – Pinterest is a very viral photo pinning site. Although it can’t be monetized directly, there’s ways to take advantage of the traffic it generates.

Resell Email Marketing – There are many email marketing reseller programs out there. Many let you completely rebrand their platform as well.

Sell Video Game Accounts – Get paid by selling your video game accounts. Read article for all video game accounts auctioned.

Make Money Pinning Porn – Make money pinning porn pictures to Pinterest style sites.

Make Money Off Online Surveys – Can you really make money off online surveys? Answers yes, although very minimal.

Make Money With Shortest and EmpireViews – Learn how to make money off Shortest and EmpireViews.

Make Money Off Netflix – Attention movie fans! You can now turn your passion into profits.

Make Money With Adfly Pop-Ups – Adfly now offers pop-up ads. A new way to monetize the ad network.

Make Money Off SloPro – Got an iPhone and the SloPro app? Time to make some cash!

Make Money By Generating Craigslist Leads – Here’s a simple technique to use Craigslist ads to generate leads that you can convert.

How To Make Money Off Chaturbate – Chaturbate is an amateur camming network. Either get paid as a model or by promoting other models.

Make Money Off Social Shares – Have a website or blog? Now you can make money off other people sharing your content.

Make Money With Clix Cents – Want to get paid to click on ads? $1 minimum payout, but be prepared to click for a long time.

Make Money Off School or Library Computers – List of hacks on how you can make money off of public computers.

Get Paid Tweeting As A Fake Cam Girl – Guys are horny. And if they see a hot girl on Twitter claiming to be a cam girl, they’ll want to check her out.

Sell Fiverr Gigs on SEOClerks – This one’s real simple. Simply find SEO / inbound marketing gigs on Fiverr and mark them up on SEOClerks.

Make Money With EmpireViews and Linkbucks – Simple tactic for making money with EmpireViews and LinkBucks.

Make Money Tweeting – Are you a Twitter fan? Now you can start monetizing your favorite network!


Money Making Methods Requiring Investment

Make Money Off A Website – Build a website and monetize it. Probably the oldest trick in the book. Optimize the website for search traffic and dominate your niche!

Create A Link Sharing Publisher Network – There is a clone script to create your own Adfly style website. Both publishers and advertisers can signup, and it’s got an affiliate program that’s ready to go, right out of the box!

Sell Directory Submission Services On SEO Clerks – Outsource and sell directory submission services on SEO Clerks. Entire method is outsourced and insanely easy to do.

Create Niche Craigslist Site With IFTTT – IFTTT Can pull in data from Craigslist based on a wide range of criteria. Simply register a domain for your niche site, slap ads on it and let IFTTT do the rest.

Make Money Off Dead Horses – Yep, I’m serious. Make money off dead horses.

Make Money Uploading Scraped Porn To Tube Sites – More blackhat method of making money off scraped porn videos. Does require the investment of a domain name.

Make Money Off Fiverr With Sick Submitter – Learn how to use the Sick Submitter tool to make money off Fiverr.

Make Money As A Web Host – Jump into the web hosting game. You’re hosting your own websites anyway, might as well start offering it as a service to others.