Make Money Off YouTube and Public Domain Videos

Make Money Off YouTube

This is a really simple method of making money off YouTube using public domain videos. It’s incredibly simple, although it’s by no means a get rich quick scheme. The advantage of this trick is that it’s going to be a residual source of income, as long as the channel is getting views.

Step 1: Create YouTube account / channel. It should be themed towards classical movies.

Step 2: Download public domain videos. Google the titles or use torrents.

Step 3: Upload the public domain videos and set them to be monetized.

Note, that sometimes you have to “prove” to Google that the films are indeed public domain. If this happens, have a list of various resources that state that the film is in the public domain.

Make sure that there is a description and max out the tags for the YouTube video. Use keywords like “watch online” “free streaming” and keywords / phrases similar to that. Combine keywords to create actual search phrases.

Want to make it even more profitable? Create a niche site with all your videos embedded. Not only will this increase the amount of views, but you can monetize the web presence using display ads or other forms of internet monetization.