How To Make Money Off A Website

So, you’re wondering how to make money off of a website? If you’ve already got one built, great. If not, building a website is going to be your first priority. Follow the link to learn more. Here are some tactics to monetizing the web:


Display Advertisements

The most obvious means of monetizing your website is through advertisements. There are many display ad networks out there. By signing up to these networks as a publisher, you can embed scripts that will automatically display the advertisements on your site. Publishers get paid by the number of ad clicks or impressions.


Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is an agreement between a company and independent publishers. The publishers will drive traffic to the company using a number of tactics. Any traffic that converts into a customer will result in a commission being paid to the affiliate. Some affiliate programs offer revenue-sharing, while others give a commission per sale or sign-up.



Pop-Ads work a lot like display ads. There are ad networks that publishers can sign-up to. These ad networks will give the publishers a code-snippet to place in the header of their site. When users visit the site a pop-under or pop-up will appear displaying an ad. The cool thing about pop ads is that the visitor doesn’t need to click on the advertisement for the publisher to get a commission.


Build Subscriber List

If you’ve got an email opt-in form on your website or blog and have a ready marketing list, it’s possible to monetize that data. It’s possible to sell campaigns to other companies within the same niche. Since your marketing list is relevant to their product, it makes sense for them to market directly to your recipients.


Premium Content

Premium content is a double-sided sword. By hiding the content, you eliminate the chance of organic search engine traffic. Google search traffic is the best method of generating traffic to monetize. On the other hand, premium content can be very profitable, especially if it’s subscription-based and billed out monthly.


Site Flipping

The internet is the new real estate game. Websites hold equity and could even be worth millions (like, which sold for $3 million). There are many things that will give a website equity. This ranges from the amount of “PageRank” (SEO value) the website has, to it’s monthly traffic volume and how much it’s currently making.


Direct Ad Sales

It’s much more profitable selling direct ad space than it is partnering with an ad network. The reason is, you’re making 100% of the profits instead of just a publisher commission. The problem is; you need to sell the ads. If you’ve got a local website, try a local business. If it’s a niche site, find some direct ad buyers within your niche.


Sponsored Reviews

Get paid to write reviews for products and services. This is a slippery-slope; Endorsing horrible products and services can greatly reduce your website’s credibility. Reviewing products that are in no way related to your niche will make the content seem very irrelevant. The best practice would be to find a product or service relevant to your niche, that you would *HONESTLY* endorse. Then it’s a win-win-win for you, your readers and the rockstar service.



Yes, you are allowed to ask for donations for keeping the site up and running. Don’t expect very much income this route. Don’t expect any income if your site is not providing any kind of value. PayPal works just fine for this.


And More…..

I’m not saying this is the definitive list on how to make money from a website. In fact, as technology advances, I don’t doubt that even more methods of monetization will open up. I didn’t bother posting suggestions like “Invent a widget and start selling it online!” as it’s a little far-fetched for a small little niche site. Good luck.