Make Money As A Webcam Model

Have you ever considered becoming a webcam model? Assuming you’ve got a computer, webcam and internet connection, you’ve already got everything you need! Being a webcam model is a great way to make extra income, while working from home. Models choose their own hours. Work as much as you want, or as little as you want.


Getting Started: What Do I Need?

All you need is all the equipment needed to stream and an internet connection. The better the internet and equipment, the better the stream and better the income. You get what you pay for. It is possible to start with basic equipment and upgrade later, however.

Computer – Windows is strongly preferred. If you only have access to a Mac, check to make sure the webcam network is Mac compatible. The computer specs vary from network to network. Make sure your computer is sufficient to run the networks software before signing up.

Webcam – HD is strongly prefered. Most networks will allow standard laptop webcams (some don’t), but you’ll make much more money if the quality of the webcam is better.

Internet Connection – Faster internet = faster streaming. If you’re on dial-up, forget about it. Anything faster then that should work fine. If your internet provider has a faster service, might be worth upgrading. You’ll have the additional perk of faster internet in general.


Choosing A Webcam Network

The next step is choosing a webcam network. There is no “best” network. What network will work best for each model depends on a number of things. Network traffic and model payouts are very important The high trafficked networks also tend to have the most models and be the most competitive, however. Check out each webcam network before making a decision. Register for each network and check out how the chatrooms look and feel. Check out the model FAQs and compare all the networks carefully before making a decision.

Here’s a list of of adult webcam networks


How Much Money Will I Make?

This all really depends on a whole bunch of things. Obviously, the more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Models that are on camera all day (opposed to those with part-time jobs or school) will have greater earning potential. Models that have been around longer will have naturally developed a larger following than newer models. This means more regulars. By sticking to a specific schedule and being on consistently, you’ll have a better chance of developing regular customers too.

A great body helps to make money, but personality is also very important. People go to camming sites (opposed to porn sites) because the like the interaction with the models themselves. By being confident and personable, you’ll get more regulars and earn more. Don’t be stuck-up, insulting or rude. Also don’t be shy or inconfident. If you’re having a bad day, don’t get on camera.

It’s possible to make additional profits as a webcam model through affiliate marketing, selling pic and video sets, and through partnering will adult ad publisher networks. By leveraging all these various money-making channels, you’ll earn more money. Much of these programs offer revenue-sharing, therefore you can easily create a residual income that could be profitable long after you retire as a model.

Some models make a couple hundred a week, some models are pulling in thousands. If you’re a famous porn star, you’ll be an instant hit on any network and could pull in 10s of thousands easily. Likewise, many of these pornstars got their start from webcamming, so this could also be a segway to launching a porn career.


Additional Resources

For additional resources, check out this adult webcam model resource site. It’s got great information for any new webcam model, including information on how to choose a good stagename, hints and tips from real camgirls, best practices and more. It’s a fresh new site and great content is being added all the time.