Make Money As A Web Host

Reselling web hosting is a must for many people practicing internet monetization. You’ve got a whole bunch of websites hosted already, so why not just start selling it? There’s some advantages to becoming a web host in and of itself. Here’s some reasons why you need to get started selling hosting.


Reseller Is Safer Than Multiple Sites On Shared Hosting

If you’ve got all your websites bundled onto one shared hosting account with unlimited domains, you may be in trouble. All it takes is a TOS violation on one website, and all your websites (and income) is down. Not only that, but this could very easily hurt your Google rankings.

If you setup each website as it’s own user under a reseller plan, you’re protected. Instead of all the sites going down, only one site will go down. Simply fix the errors and get the one site back up and running, and you’re all good.


Make Residual Income Hosting Other Sites

The other advantage is the income. It’s not an epic amount of income, but it’ll help mitigate your own hosting costs, as well as provide some nice residual. If you can get some hundred clients hosted, then you’ll be seeing some nice residual. Remember, these clients might also need web or SEO work, which you can charge good money for.


Reseller Web Hosting Options

Here are some options to get you started as a web hosting reseller:

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting – A2 Hosting is a great hosting solution that offers a reseller plan for their services. The reseller comes with a web host management dashboard and cPanel for each account signed up under you. I would highly recommend spending the extra $5 per month for the SSD. It really does make websites that much faster.




SiteGround is another great reseller option. SiteGround’s pricing is a little bit different than the other solutions. SiteGround works off of a credit system (each credit good for a year) rather than paying for plans with different levels of storage and bandwidth. Great web hosting company with reliable hosting and service.




HostGator – Almost tempted to not put them up here after their latest reseller hosting debacle. Only reason I’m listing them anymore is because the other two don’t allow for adult content. So if you’re going to host your own (or sell hosting) for tube or gallery sites, HostGator is still your best bet.