How To Make Money Off SloPro



Make Money Off SloPro

SloPro is a mobile application for the Apple iPhone and iPad. The app allows users to shoot videos in slowmotion using their phones or tablets. It’s an incredibly badass application in and of itself. There is also one huge money making hack to SloPro.


YouTube Monetization

It’s possible to monetize YouTube videos as a publisher. YouTube is connected with AdSense and pays a very generous CPC / CPM. Slowmotion video is a niche all on it’s own. Any simple action can be something completely different in slowmo. A dog jumping into water, an explosion, someone talking, a snowboard jump, whatever. The slowmotion video is incredibly easy to make and it’s very easy to upload to YouTube, create a title, description and tag it with the relevant tags needed to rank highly. That movie will continue to profit forever.


Slowmotion Niche Site or Blog

To compliment the strategy and take the process a step further, you could then create a niche site or blog for slowmotion videos. Simply embed your YouTube clips onto the website and toss up some ads for monetization. Not only will the YouTube views get you paid, but any other form of internet monetization will add up as well.