How To Make Money Sharing Links

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Link-Sharing Ads

It’s now possible to get paid simply by sharing links! There are many link-sharing ad networks that have started up over the years. These ad networks act sort of like Publishers register with the sites and are able to shrink links and share them. When the links are clicked on.


How To Make Money Sharing Links

There are many methods of making money off these various link-sharing ad networks. Keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive guide. I’m sure there’s many ideas that are not covered. Be creative and earn some cash!

Twitter – With Twitter, sharing content and getting it viewed by many people is easy. By using smart hashtags, it’s possible to get your tweets read and clicked on by many people, even if they don’t follow you. Share your ad-links via tweets. With the free tool Tweetdeck, you can manage and tweet from many different Twitter handles under one single dashboard.

Tumblr – This is an especially good channel if you’re trying to make money off adult niche content. Tumblr is a very viral blogging platform, especially for photo-blogging. It’s possible to embed links directly into blog content, or set them as the click-through link of an image.

YouTube – Upload a YouTube video and place your links in the shows descriptions.

Free Hosted Blogs – It’s possible to start a blog on WordPress or BlogSpot and embed your links into the blog content. Some ad networks have scripts that will automatically convert all links on a site into ad-supported links. Other networks have entry-scripts that will display intermission ads when traffic enters the website.

Message Boards – Message boards and forums are trafficked and viewed by many. Best of all, forum posts do not require any kind of following or SEO in order to get your content viewed and clicked.

Blog Comments – Remember when SEOs used to post blog comments for the backlinks? Well since it’s been NoFollowed, they don’t have any SEO value. But users might still click on such comments. If you enter a URL (ad-supported) while making a comment on WordPress or other platforms, and users click on your link, you’ll get paid.

Links On WebsitesBuild a website and place your links in blog posts and other onsite content. Building a website is inexpensive and easy, and is pretty much a requirement for internet monetization.

Image Links – Have images on a website or blog? shrink the image URL and use it as the click-through. When browsers expand the photo, they’ll get the larger view as well as the display ads.

Affiliate Programs – Pretty much all of these networks have affiliate programs. This means you don’t even need to share links to make money. Simply refer other publishers and get paid for their work!


Get Started Earning Money Today!

Get started today. Join one of the various link-sharing ad networks and find which one works best for you. Remember, it takes a while to get a bulk of links built and figuring out which methods and tactics work best. Be patient and keep experimenting.