Make Money Selling Hitleap / Empireviews Points and Views

Hitleap and EmpireViews are two autosurfing networks. Users get points by keeping a pop-up window open that will refresh with different websites and YouTube videos. The more website views the users get , the more points they receive. Points can be used to buy website views.


Make Money off Hitleap / Empireviews Points

If you’ve got an account full of points, you might be wondering how to monetize them. Luckily there’s some easy methods of making money off those points. Here’s how:

Sell Website / YouTube Views: Sell hits on a website or YouTube video views. It’s what the platforms were designed for, so offer it as a service.

Sell The Points / Minutes: It’s also possible to sell the Hitleap minutes and Empireviews points themselves. The going rate is 12 cents per thousand points.


Where To Sell Hitleap / Empireviews Points

Fiverr – Fiverr is a network where people offer a variety of services for only $5. The is not currently anyone selling Empireviews of Hitleap points over Fiverr, meaning zero competition.

SEOClerks – SEOClerks is a marketplace for buying and selling digital marketing services. You can sell website traffic, YouTube views over SEOClerks. There are even people selling Hitleap points on the network as well!


Other Hitleap / Empireviews Money Making Tactics

Here are some other methods for making money off Hitleap and Empireviews:

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Make Money Off Empireviews and Shortest

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