Make Money Selling Directory Submission on SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks

Make Money Selling Directory Submission on SEO Clerks

This is a really simple method of making money and it’s all completely outsourced. This tactic involves selling directory submission services over SEO Clerks. SEO Clerks is a marketplace for selling and buying SEO services. This is where we’ll be selling the directory submission services.

Step 1: Register for SEO Clerks

Step 2: Register for either Moz Local or LocalSEOPush. Both are directory submission services that allow you to push business data to various data compilers, aggregators and directory sites.

Step 3: Post directory submission services for sale on SEO Clerks.

Step 4: When you get an order, simply punch the customers information into either of the two directory submission services, hit the button and you’re done!


Also Sell The Services On Craigslist

It’s also possible to sell these services on Craigslist, or search for people over Craigslist who are looking for SEO services. All of this is completely outsourced, so you don’t have to worry about being swamped with too much business!