How To Make Money Off of a School or Library Computer

There are many methods of making money off of views and clicks. This opens up a big opportunity with any public computer and there’s some blackhat techniques to making money off them. Here are some fun tricks and hacks that you can do with public computers, such as those found at schools and libraries. By the way, most of these have to do with the homepage 😉


Set Homepage to YouTube Channel or Video

YouTube pays publishers part of the ad revenue. Little do you know; those viral cat videos are stacking 10’s of thousands, if not more! Everyone loves YouTube. There’s a good chance that the random Average Joe that logs into the computer might be interested in your content. Especially if it’s humorous or amusing. If you set the homepage to a playlist of video, they might watch it (and more!) just out of boredom


Mining Cryptocurrency

Turn the computers into drones and let the things run. There’s computers at disposal, why not? Pick your digital currency of choice and start mining some coins.


Set Homepage To Your Website

Visitors = money. Easy math. They’re probably not going to be the most relevant traffic ever, but whatever. Maybe somebody will click an ad or affiliate link.


Set Homepage (or Bookmark) To Amazon Affiliate Link

There’s a good chance people are going to the library or browsing on a school computer to do some online shopping. This is especially true if they don’t own a computer and can’t find products locally. By placing an Amazon affiliate link as a bookmark or setting it to the homepage, you could cash in on those commissions.


Set Homepage to Linkbucks Link

This isn’t limited to Linkbucks and works with any URL shortening display ad network. Set the homepage to an ad link. Every time someone opens the browser you’ll make some petty income.


Set Homepage To Startling Webpage And Record Reaction

There are many websites and pages out there that can create a reaction. You know, somebody clicks on the internet icon and expects Google to pop up. Little do they know, it’s actually something that’s really gruesome, startling, freaky or whatever. This can cause quite a reaction. Record the response and toss it on YouTube. You can monetize YouTube directly. Turn it into blog content and you can also monetize the website.


Make A Site That Looks Like Google

Make a site that looks like Google. White background with the search box and links as an image. Place a pop-under on the site so when people click on the search bar, the pop-under pops up. Don’t be a douchebag though. When they click on the “search bar”, make it link to Google.


Blog From Library or School Computer

Stuck in a school or library? Start blogging. Blogs can be monetized. You don’t even need a website for it. Blogger will integrate directly with AdSense. If you’re stuck in the library for a couple hours, write about your day. It will create a passive revenue stream for years to come.