Make Money Reselling Email Marketing


Being an internet marketer, one must become savvy in internet marketing themselves. Those skills can then be offered as services to clients. It’s incredibly easy to get started reselling email marketing solutions. There are many whitelabeled email platforms out there. Many of the reseller plans don’t require any upfront investment, and you don’t get charged unless there’s clients that can be billed.


Suggested Email Marketing Resellers

ActiveCampaign – ActiveCampaign is a solid email marketing solution that features many marketing automation features. ActiveCampaign has a full analytical suite that can help track activity as email recipients interact on the website. Can send automated drip campaign based on campaign interaction, website interactions and more. Comes with handy tools such as automated sales follow-up and can sync with many, many, many CRMs, networks and services.

Contactology / Campaigner – Contactology has recently been acquired by Campaigner, thus they’re “grouped together”. Contactology is a very robust email marketing suite with many automated features such as drip campaign and very robust segmentation capabilities. Campaigner is a solid solution itself, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the acquisition.

HubShout – Resell both SEO and email marketing all in one. Hubshout is a whitelabeled SEO company that offers all kinds of SEO services, web development, press release syndication and more. HubShout has built an email marketing platform off of SES and passes on the SES pricing to their resellers.


Resell Other Marketing Services

Don’t stop at email marketing. There are many solutions and services out there that you can resell. Mobile marketing is huge, and there’s platforms out there for SMS marketing, mobile web and much more. Becoming a web host is simple and easy, and odds are you’re hosting your own websites and projects. If you’re already a webmaster, might as well mitigate costs and make a profit by hosting client projects as well.