Make Money Promoting Videos Games

Video Game

Attention video game fans. Now you can make money promoting your favorite video games. The video game niche is huge, and there’s many different methods of promoting it. Here are some really good ways to promote your video game affiliate links:

YouTube: YouTube is a great way to promote any kind of affiliate program. You can either create a game review or record screen captures of the actual game. It might be worth noting that if it’s just a review without any images or video from the game itself, the video can be monetized itself.

Twitter: Tweet out the links to the latest games with the relevant hashtags. You can create a new Twitter handle exclusive to video game news and information.

Game Review Site: Create a video game review niche site and start earning money. The website can also be monetized through various advertisements as well.

Much more: Don’t let it be limited to this. You can hit up forums, market over any other kind of social network, ect.


Suggested Affiliate Network

GACash is an excellent affiliate network for promoting the hottest video games. It’s important to choose an affiliate program that allows you to create links directly to the item you’re promoting, rather than just a generic affiliate link to the homepage. With the tiered program, it’s possible to make money off people that other people refer as well.

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