How To Make Money Off Pinterest



Okay, this article isn’t going to give up any particular niches or subject matter. This is just going to go over the concepts and what works and what doesn’t. Maybe I’ll discuss possible niches in later blog posts. Pinterest is a really popular website, especially with females. It drives some ridiculous traffic and can make good money if done correctly. Here’s some tips and practices for monetizing Pinterest.


Direct Affiliate Links Don’t Work

Two years ago, all affiliate links would have been converted over to Skimlinks. Any non-affiliate links would have been converted to Skimlinks links as well. Pinterest came under a lot of flak for this, and eventually dropped the platform. They haven’t dropped the distaste for affiliate marketing through pins, however.

How To Make Affiliate Marketing Work – Just because Pinterest doesn’t like direct affiliate links, doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing is impossible over pinterest. A lot of the Pinterest affiliate marketing relies on referral traffic. Simply refer the Pinterest traffic to a blog post or product review. Hopefully the referral traffic clicks on the affiliate links and converts.

Another tactic is using coupon codes. Many affiliate programs give publishers the ability to create coupon codes. HostGator is a great example. These product codes can be placed in the pin description, or added directly to the pinned image.


Monetize Referral Traffic

Perhaps the easiest and most effective method. The concept is simple; Use Pinterest to refer traffic and monetize it how you normally would. Pinterest is great at referring traffic. Simply monetize via display ads, pop-unders or other means.

The trick is creating or finding quality and compelling images that people will like, repin and most importantly, click-through. These images have to be 100% relevant to the blog copy, offer, ect.

Building up a following and tagging posts right is also very relevant. The bigger the audience and more optimized tags will lead to more impressions and clickthroughs.


Pin YouTube Videos

It’s possible to pin playable YouTube videos on Pinterest. YouTube offers rev-share for publishers. It’s also possible to monetize public domain videos. Simply curate your own YouTube or upload public domain work and pin it to Pinterest. You can directly monetize the video views, or try to use a call-to-action to drive video viewers to a website.


Sell Your Own Products / Services

In order for this to work, you must first have a product or service to offer. This could be as simple as an ebook on Ebay, but might be more along the lines of an actual manufactured product. The idea is to use Pinterest to prospect, build brand recognition and drive traffic that converts.


Monetize ALL Traffic Using Entry Scripts

Want to monetize all the referral traffic without them needing to click on the ads themselves? Use an entry script! Linkbucks offers one. It won’t make you mad money, but it will profit more than traffic that bounces.


And That’s About It

I could create 25 bs variations of the above tactics, but that’s really it. Anything you can do to promote a business or service, add recipients to a mailing list or “better your business” in general could be a valid tactic. But really, it’s all about driving traffic and monetizing the traffic using traditional IM tactics to monetize the referral. I guess there’s also a NoFollow link that can [barely] help SEO, which could provide a boost in organic traffic, which can be monetized as well.