Make Money Pimpin Camgirls

Referring Webcam Models


Make Money Pimpin Camgirls

So a little background information on this one. I’ve got many different kinds of niche sites, webmaster resource sites, ect. I get a lot of colorful people hollering at me about different things.

One day, a Streamate model hollered at me for some web work. One thing I do with any niche or vertical is check out what kind of affiliate programs are available. The camming niche is ridiculous. For example;¬†Streamate has a referral program for their affiliate program. She wasn’t currently doing affiliate marketing and before even discussing work, I was able to refer her to the program and get her using her affiliate links with social media instead non-affiliate links. Just from that simple email conversation, I’m getting lifetime rev-share for any traffic that camgirl manages to refer. Now imagine if you could refer every single MyFreeCams model to Crakrevenue?

There’s many more ways to monetize the referral of models, and it’s some serious cash. Here’s a list of programs to choose from to monetize model referral:


List of Camgirl Model Referral Programs

Here is a list of camming networks that you can get paid referring webcam models to. Click on any network to join the program and start referring models today:

iCamz – Get paid 10% of the lifetime revenue of any camgirls that you can refer to iCamz. They’ve got a messaging system that lets you send messages and advice to any referrals you’ve generated.

Jasmin – Make up to 36%on all model earnings for a year. Refer them to the affiliate program and make an additional 36% on all their affiliate income for a year.

Chaturbate – Get paid $50 for each new broadcaster you can refer to Chaturbate. If you can teach the model how to be an affiliate marketer, you can make an additional 5% of all her affiliate revenue.

iFriends – Get paid $100 for each new model you can refer to the iFriends family of sites. Get 10% of all her affiliate income by referring her the iFriends affiliate program as well.

Internet Modeling – Internet Modeling has a family of sites. Get paid 10% lifetime revenue on any of the cam sites the model registers with.


Camming Niche Affiliate Programs

Looking to make additional money in the camming niche? There’s a tons of camming affiliate programs, whitelabels and more. To see what’s available, check out this list of camming affiliate programs.