Make Money Off UStream

Make Money Off UStream

UStream is a free live broadcasting platform. It allows for amateur garage-band style talk shows, as well as the broadcasting of live events, news and more. Both huge brands and enthusiasts are leveraging this powerful platform. But like anything on the internet, one must speculate how to make money off of it.


Add Affiliate Banners To UStream Channel

Is your show part of a specific niche? Now you can add a relevant affiliate banner and offer to your UStream channel. Most affiliate programs will offer banner sizes that work with the predefined finished sizes. Simply download the image file and add it along with your affiliate URL.


Embed Into AdSense Site

UStream used to have a partner feature that allowed for direct AdSense monetization. That’s gone, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t make money off AdSense and UStream. UStream has an embed code. That means you can add any UStream video to a website or blog. Simply add AdSense to the website, along with the video, rock some SEO magic and you’ve got an instant AdSense niche site that doesn’t involve much (if any) content curation. Doesn’t even have to be your videos.


Upload To YouTube

Although UStream no longer offers a┬ápublisher program, doesn’t mean you can’t earn off the video file itself. Take the UStream video and toss it up on YouTube. Apply for the YouTube publisher program and instant video monetization.


Get Show Sponsors (Sell Ads)

If your show gets a big enough following, you should be able to find a couple of sponsors for your show. How vodcasts and podcasts price out their sponsorship varies drastically. It could range from paid product reviews, banner ads added via UStream producer, video commercials played during “show breaks” and so on. Get big and popular, find advertisers within your niche and get creative!