Make Money Off Other People’s YouTube Videos

Make Money Off YouTube

Make Money Off Other People’s YouTube Videos

You don’t have to be a YouTube publisher to make money off of YouTube videos. It’s possible to make money off other people’s videos. This is done through embedding the videos onto a website and monetizing it via publisher ad networks, affiliate programs or other means. Here’s some ideas to monetize other people’s YouTube videos.


Use YouTube Videos For Blogging Inspiration

Videos are great for blogging content! If you’ve got writers block and are looking for inspiration, turn to YouTube. Find a video that you like (funny, exciting, ect) and convert it into a blog post. Simply describe what the video is about and you’ve got instant content and longtail search results.


Create An Entire Embedded Niche Site

Take it to the next level and create an entire niche sites using YouTube videos. Think of a niche, find videos within that niche and embed them all into the site. Make sure to use keyword rich header text and a couple paragraphs describing the video.

Some examples of niche sites you could create:

Cute / Funny Cats: The internet cat industry is huge. Ridiculously huge. Try your luck cashing in on it by embedding all the most popular viral cat videos.

Extreme Sports: Skydiving, motocross, ect. Find all the best videos from extreme sports and create a site out of this. Either make it incredibly niche by drilling down to an individual sport, or just do extreme sports in general.

Time Lapsed┬áTravel: Why not? I’m sure there’s people out there that’s into this kind of thing.

UFO Sightings: Everyone loves conspiracy theories and aliens, and there’s plenty of UFO videos on YouTube.

Political Videos: With the presidential election happening next year and all the candidates announcing their bids, the political season is heating up. Guess who’s already doing this with this niche? If you guessed Ron Paul, you’re correct!

Use Your Imagination: These are just a couple examples. When it comes to niche sites, the sky is the limits. Get creative and pioneer new niches.