Make Money Off CPA Grip

Make Money Off CPA Grip

Make Money Off CPA Grip

Are you a publisher looking to make money off CPA (Cost Per Action)? We’ve got a platform for you. CPAGrip allows for a number of various ways to monetize your content, including CPA offers and content lockers. Here are some of the ways to make money off CPA Grip:


Content Locker

Lock your content and make your traffic complete a CPA offer before accessing it. Content usually is a survey or other kind of offer. Simply copy/paste Javascript code into the header of the page and the pop-up content offer will appear automatically.

This is great for content that you want to monetize, but still offer your traffic the ability to access it free of charge (while still making money).


URL and File Locker

Finally, a method of monetizing link clicks that actually pays well. If you’ve used any of the link sharing ad networks, you’ll know that there’s potential but the CPM could be way better. Now you can share the same content and get paid CPA instead of CPM. Simply enter the URL and share the CPA link. People who click on the link will have to complete a CPA offer before accessing the content.


Video Locker

The video locker allows you to place a CPA video overlay on top of the video. The user will have to complete the CPA offer before viewing the video content. The users can still access all the other elements of the site, except the locked video.


Offer Wall

Offer walls allow you to display the correct geotargeted offers to your users. This tools is generally used with point reward systems.

The Offer Wall Tool allows you to easily leverage display of multiple offers and be able to reward your users for each offer completed.

Upon completion, your user will receive credit / points for their action. Offer walls are a fantastic resource for publishers and makes for an excellent virtual currency platform resource.


A Very Versatile CPA Network

As you can see, CPAGrip has many tools for their publishers to help them maximize profits. Publishers can now lock their own content as well as monetize other people’s content through the sharing of links. This is definitely a great tool for any CPA publisher.


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