Make Money For Free By Starting A Blogspot Blog


Get paid for writing. What could be more simple? There are bloggers out there, every day, making tons of cash simply by writing. Hell, I’m one of of them. This is one of the blogs that generates me income. This is a self-hosted WordPress blog though, which requires a little bit of investment. Today, I’m not discussing how to make money off a WordPress site. Instead, I’m discussing how to start making money by blogging without any investment or any technical knowledge.

To get started, register for a Google account (if you don’t already have one) and create a Blogspot blog. Once the blog is created, we must sync up AdSense. To do that, go to the earnings tab in the blog dashboard. See screenshot below.

Monetize Blogspot

Complete the steps necessary to sign up for AdSense. AdSense is Google’s display ad product. Publishers are able to place ads on their websites and earn money off them, and advertisers can bid to have their ads displayed. Since Blogger is a Google product, the two networks sync up easily.

Once registered with AdSense,¬†widgets will appear on the BlogSpot blog. It’s possible to customize where the ads appear on the same screen used to sign up for AdSense. Screenshot below.

AdSense on Blogspot

Now that there’s ads on the blog, all you’ve got to do is create good content that people want to read. It will help to know some of the basic SEO best practices. The real trick is just creating a bunch of content. The more content, the better the search engine rankings (through longtail results). Make sure it’s very easy to share the content over social media and share it through your own channels as well.

Once you start getting traffic, it might be time to explore other methods of monetization. Once you’ve gotten really good at it, consider graduating to self-hosted blogs.