9 Methods For Making Money Posting On Message Boards


How To Make Money Off Forum Posts

Bulletin boards and forums are great because you’re exposed to a flood of niche traffic without having to do the SEO. Webmasters can make great money running message boards and there’s plenty of methods of making cash from posting on the forums. Here’s some tips on making some quick cash from forums and message boards.

Affiliate Marketing –┬áThere is plenty of ways to make money through affiliate marketing on all different kinds of forums. The trick is to promote relevant programs that are in the same niche of the forum. For example; For internet monetization forums, promote referral programs to networks that can be monetized. There are many ways you can promote affiliate programs on a forum:

Forum Signature: Place a link or banner to an affiliate program in your account signature. That banner will be under every single one of your posts.

Answer Questions:┬áPeople go to forums to look for the best products, services, ect. If someone is in the market for a product and service you’re promoting, directly refer them to that product or service via your affiliate link.

Creating Posts: Make sure this isn’t spammy. Don’t just create a new account and spam a whole bunch of topics promoting various affiliate programs. Sure, the spam approach might work. Might also get you banned.

PostloopPostloop is a platform that allows publishers to get paid to comment on blog posts and post on forums. Postloop matches up forum owners and bloggers that want more activity on their websites. The posters get a percentage of profits.

Refer Traffic – You don’t have to make your money on the forum exactly. You could use the forums to refer traffic to a website. The referral traffic can be monetized through any means the webmaster deems fit.

Link-Sharing AdsRegister for a link-sharing add network and start sharing links on the forums. Simply find content that is relevant to the niche of the message board and share it in posts. You’ll get paid for every click on every link.

Promote An Ebook – Write ebooks that are relevant to the niche of the message boards. Use the message boards to promote your ebooks. You can charge for the ebook, fill it with affiliate links or do both. Free ebooks get more downloads, so I would recommend giving it out free. If you want to make the forum believe they’re getting an insane deal, post it for sale on a website and then offer an exclusive deal for the forum and give it away free to all the members. That’ll make them feel like they’re getting a value.

Share YouTube VideosIf you’re a YouTube publisher, you can use forums to drive YouTube views and subscribers. Some forums allow you to embed the YouTube clip directly into the posts. With others, you will have to share the link instead.

Inspiration For Blogging – A lot of intelligent conversions happen on forums. If you’re a blogger with writers block, or just looking for new content ideas, forums can be great inspiration. Simply browse through the various threads seeing what people are talking about and what questions are being asked. I’m sure you’ll find more than enough inspiration for a couple blog posts.

Run A Message Board – You can make a lot of money from running a forum. The most effective methods are display advertisements and affiliate banners. If you’re going the affiliate marketing route, make sure the offers are relevant to the niche. Display ads just need to be clickable. If your forum is big enough, you can charge for membership or to access special “VIP boards”.

Sell Forum Links on SEOClerks – Sell forum links on SEOClerks. There’s someone on that website that sells forum profile links for $56 for six months. Others sell posting gigs or bundle the jobs by number of forum / profile backlinks.