List Of Pay Per Download (PPD)

“Pay Per Download” (PPD) enables users to upload files to the network and monetize the downloads. Before a web-surfer can download the file, they must first complete a CPA offer. The network gets paid for the offer and gives a rev-share to the publisher. The user gets the files for free, making these programs a win-win-win for everybody!



ShareCash - Pay Per Download

ShareCash¬†Some very spammy surveys and high level of customer complaints. Full disclosure: This is the first PPD (and only) that I’ve ever tried. For all I know, they’re all like this. I’m switching over to FileFrost, the only other one listed here, to see if it improves.


FileFrost - Monetize File Downloads

FileFrost is a file-sharing platform that allows you to make money when users access your content. Aside from putting lockers on files, the platform allows you to place a locker over the entire website, monetizing much more than just the file download.

Average payout of $1.00. USA, Canada, United Kingdom are all tiered-1 countries.