Linkbucks Method To Make Money Using Blog Comments

This method with require a LinkBucks account and a blog┬ácomment auto-poster. There are many of these out there. Blog Comment Poster, for example. You will have to come out of pocket for the blog commenting software, but that’s the only required investment.

Back in the day, comment spam was fairly common for backlink building purposes. All the major blogging platforms have started nofollowing their comment links, basically making the tactic obsolete from an SEO standpoint.

Rather than using the blog commenting scripts for linkbuilding purposes, they can now be used for monetization. Simply post in the LinkBucks url and hit go. If anyone clicks on the link on any of the automated blog comments, you’ll earn money off it. This tactic works for any kink of link sharing ad network.

For anyone who has made the investment in blog commenting software, this is a method of getting lasting value out of the investment, now that blog comment linkbuilding is dead.