Linkbucks Image Clickthrough Method For Making Money


Linkbucks Money Making Method

Click on the Linkbucks logo to the left and you’ll see exactly how this method works. It’s an incredibly simple method of making additional money from your website or blog. It can be done with any website you build, or by creating a free Blogger or WordPress blog.

Using it on logos and small images like the one I’m using in the example isn’t the best tactic in the world. Using it on bigger images (that might require enlarging for a better view) is much more effective. This is especially true if it’s something that needs to be read, like a recipe, poem or something similar. These images that get a lot of clicks can turn into some great cash. Best of all, since the ad isn’t visible on the actual page, it’s not that intrusive of a money making method.

This can also be done with adult pictures on NSFW blogs or sites. If going this route, it’s best to include the pics as thumbnails that users expect to have to click on to enlarge. Linkbucks is one of the few link sharing publisher networks that will accept adult content, making it a prime candidate for adult pic blogs with hidden link ads.