Linkbucks Alternative For Empireviews Trick?

There’s a Empireviews money making hack that’s currently working. It’s incredibly simple. You just enter a Linkbucks link and let the dollars stack up. Great way to make a quick profit off an idle computer. It has worked with other link sharing publisher networks in the past, but many of them have started banning. So far Linkbucks still seems solid.

But I’ve noticed a new player in the game. It seems that there are people using a network called Shortest. It seems to be working for right now, as I’ve seen a couple different pop-ups.


Shortest – Link Sharing Publisher Network

Shortest itself seems real innovative. They’ve got a WordPress plugin that allows for quick monetization of your blog or website. They’ve also got some really cool social share widgets that convert any Facebook or Twitter shares into Shortest links.

Jump On It Quick!

Jump on this tactic quick! Shortest may soon go the route of Adfly and the other link-sharing networks that started banning for EmpireViews traffic. But until then, this is a great money making tactic!