Link Sharing

Link sharing (URL shrinking) ads work like and lets publishers monetize any platform where links can be shared. To get started, simply sign-up with any of the networks mentioned below and start earning money sharing links today!

Many of these platforms have other scripts and features that can be installed onto a website. These scripts can perform many different functions, such as serving ads when traffic enters the site, or automatically convert links to the advertising links.


List of link sharing ad networks Рa URL-shortening network that allows users to create interstitial and top-frame banner ads. Share links over websites and social media and get paid.

CPAGrip – CPA network. Offers a link-sharing content locker. Pays out CPA instead of CPM, meaning it can be way more profitable than other networks. – Shortest is a very innovative link shortening network. They feature a WordPress plugin, scripts to monetize bounced traffic and social sharing widgets. The social sharing widgets are real sweet. If anyone shares your content via Facebook, Twitter, ect. all the shared links will be Shortest links and get you paid!

Linkbucks РA link shrinking display ad network that supports both general as well as adult content. Linkbucks supports intermission ads as well as content locker CPA links.

PornEarn – a link-sharing ad network exclusively for adult webmasters. Will display adult ads with the onsite content. Also supports adult pop-ups and image upload and sharing.

Binbox – Link-sharing network. Displays several advertisements on a landing page before redirecting. Also contains a click-through link to the content.