How To Make Money Collecting Cans & Bottles

I’m very serious about this. It’s possible to make some serious money collecting cans. The trick is doing it right. It’s also required to be a state that gives money for redeemables. The people I know that are making good money live in Oregon. They all make around $50-$100 per day with only a couple hours worth of work.


Learn The Garbage / Recycling Schedule

The first step is to learn the garbage and recycling schedule. This is important, as people will throw away and recycle cans and bottles that can be redeemed. Whether it’s by vehicle, bike or foot, hitup the garbage route before the garbage / recycling truck picks it up. Obviously only collect the redeemables. The people I talked to doing this said that many people started setting out the redeemables separated just for them.


College Campuses During Events

the second goldmine is on college campuses during events. Allegedly during the Super Bowl, the people I talked to cleared over $100 just collecting all the beer cans and bottles thrown out at the campus. Most of them were all bagged together or otherwise seperated making it insanely easy.

If you live in a college town in a state where bottles are redeemable, think about some of the major college events in your hometown where the entire campus will be partying. Depending how they dispose of their cans and bottles, this could be an easy $100+ dollar score.