How To Create A Passive Income Off The Internet

There are many ways to make money off the internet. A lot of these methods of internet monetization leads to a passive income. It’s always nice to have residual money coming in on the side. Whether it’s extra spending money or enough to live off of. Luckily, making a passive income off the internet isn’t that difficult. Here’s some ways of doing it.


Webmaster Referral Programs

Perhaps the easiest and best method of making a residual income off the internet. There are many webmaster referral programs that offer lifetime revenue-sharing on all referred accounts. There are many types of webmaster referral programs. Display ad networks is a great example. Just about every ad network has an affiliate program that let’s you refer other webmasters. The payout is usually only like 5%, but if you refer enough active webmasters it can really pay out!


Lifetime Revshare Affiliate Programs

If an affiliate program gives you the option between a healthy pay-per-signup or lifetime revshare, I would highly advise the revshare. You might not make as much as the commission payout on every referral, but eventually you’ll build up enough active referrals where the programs will start paying you a healthy residual. Most of the affiliate programs offering revshare are the ones dealing with subscription services and rebills. The revshare is typically on the monthly rebill.


Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

This isn’t really a residual income, but it can be residualish. If you manage to build a website and rank good performing content and that content continues to rank good, you’ll steadily get commissions (or display ad earnings) off the organic search engine traffic. It’s not technically a passive income if it’s commission-based, but if the conversions are happening in the background, it’s still residual in a way.


Become A YouTube Publisher

YouTube pays publishers a percentage of the ad revenue generated off the content they produce and upload. By becoming a YouTube partner, you can start getting paid from all your videos. Once a video is uploaded, it’ll steadily get views for as long as it’s hosted on the site, earning you a residual income.


Resell Web Hosting Services

If you’re getting into internet monetization, you’ll be dealing with web hosting. Since you’re going to be dealing with web hosting, you might as well be reselling it. Just about every web hosting company has a reseller plan.. You’re able to create separate accounts and cpanels for each client account. Most reselling plans come with autobilling software. The client submits their payment information and you’ll receive their payment each month.


Run A Subscription Membership Site

You’ll need to keep curating and regularly posting some very high-quality and innovative material in order to actually get membership sales. If people do subscribe, you’ll get the residual earnings from their monthly rebills.


Setup Automated Social Media Accounts

There’s a lot of ways you can get paid from automating social media. For example; Automatically share your latest (and older evergreen) blog content. you can also setup social triggers to where once a month (or whatever frequency) the social media accounts will automatically share an affiliate link and offer. You can add display ads to certain blogging platforms, and any views from any auto posted material will get you paid.


By no means a complete list, but hopefully gives you some inspiration to get started!