Is The HostGator Affiliate Program Legit or Scam? (Payment Proof!)

HostGator Affiliate Program

I just seen this come up on a forum recently and thought I’d post my own payment proof. Web hosting is one niche that I make decent money in, both through webmaster resources and affiliate links, as well as offline referrals (now I just resell hosting, but back in the day).

I don’t have very much nice things to say about HostGator anyway, outside of the fact that they actually allow for adult content (important for adult webmasters). It’s an EIG company, and that means that they’ve been bought out and now they’re crappy as fuck. Still, I make decent money off their affiliate programs. Mainly adult webmaster traffic. Here’s my payment proof, screencapture of my HostGator affiliate dashboard (domains blocked).


HostGator Affiliate Program Payment Proof

HostGator Affiliate Program Payment Proof

Commissions really picked up for me this December (nice little Xmas present). Hopefully it continues like this. I haven’t noticed any fraudulent activity. I wouldn’t be surprised if HostGator does skim traffic, but that wouldn’t shock me with any affiliate network, publisher network, ect. Seems to all be part of the game.

HostGator pays me. A lot of people do. I’m happy. Cheers.