Easy LinkBucks Tumblr Method For Making Money



Linkbucks & Tumblr Money Making Method

This is an incredibly easy and simple Tumblr trick to making money using LinkBucks. For those that don’t know, LinkBucks is a URL-shortening network (like Bitly) that displays ads along with the content on the page. Publishers get paid by shrinking and sharing links.


Linkbucks Image Click through On Photo Blogging

This is an incredibly simple method that’s incredibly easy to do. Since both Linkbucks and Tumblr are free, it doesn’t require any money for hosting, scripts or signing up for services. Simply shrink a URL using Linkbucks and set it as the image click through link. When followers and browsers click on the image within Tumblr, they’ll generate Linkbucks revenue.

Once you’ve got a bunch of photos posted, you can start simply reblogging the pics to save some time and energy. You can either reblog the photos to a different blog, or even reblog them to your same blog that originally made the post.

If you’re using the link to the Tumblr blog itself for the image click through, it might be a good idea to set the link to a domain you own and 301 redirect the link to the shortened URL leading to the Tumblr blog. That way if the blog is ever banned (it happens) you can simply change the redirect to a new Tumblr blog and you’re back in business without any lost traffic.¬†All you need is a domain name and hosting plan.

By the way, there’s plenty of other ways to monetize Tumblr outside of LinkBucks. This is only one very simple tactic that any newbie could do with very little experience.