How To Earn Money Answering Quora Questions


Make Money Off Quora

Quora is a very popular social networking site for asking and answering questions. People post their questions, ask specialists to answer and all the answers get voted up or down. Quora doesn’t allow for affiliate links, meaning it can’t be monetized directly. Quora can still drive conversions though. Here’s how to make money off Quora.


Make Money Off Quora

Affiliate Marketing Through Quora – Even though Quora will remove all referral links, affiliate marketing is still possible. Simply browse through Quora questions that you have a blog post relating to. Drop the link (with an answer, put time into it) into a question and monetize the referral traffic. Works best if you answer with quality and get voted to the top.

Display Advertisements – Even if the referral traffic doesn’t convert, you can still make money by adding display ads or pop-unders to the website or blog that you’re referring traffic to.

Promote Your Product Or Services – If you’ve got products or services that you’re offering or selling, promote them on Quora. You’ll make money off any products and services sold.

Sell Employer On Quora Marketing – If you’re employed at a company that could benefit from marketing through Quora (lead-generation, establishing thought-leadership, ect.) then convince them to let you answer questions on the clock.