Craigslist WordPress Method For Easily Creating Niche Sites


Craislist Money Making Method

This is a real simple tactic for deploying niche sites using nothing but Craigslist, a WordPress site and a nifty tool called IFTTT. This method requires zero posting on Craigslist. All you’re doing is using a Craigslist search to populate onsite content. It’s advised that you use a self-hosted WordPress site. A free Tumblr or Blogger account will work as well.


Step 1) Think Of A Niche

First you have to decide what kind of niche site you want to create. Locations work great (City, State) as people are generally Googling things in their area. Different categories of items or jobs could be used as niches as well. Basically, anything you can search for on Craigslist can be used.


Step 2) Create Niche Site

The next step is purchasing a domain name and building a website. Alternatively, create your free blogging account on Tumblr or Blogspot (for cheap people). Make sure the domain name (or blog name) is relevant to the niche that you’re going to use. For example, if it was a site for cars in Miami, would be great (and also available, had to check out of curiosity).


Step 3) Scrape Craigslist Ads

Using IFTTT, it’s possible to pull all the data off of Craigslist and have it post to the WordPress site (or blog). For the Miami car example above, we’d search “Miami vehicles” or something similar. Now you have a niche site that will automatically curate content ever time a new item is added to Craigslist.


Step 4) Monetize Niche Sites

Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Slap some display ads on the website, maybe a pop-under code as well. If there’s some good affiliate programs relevant to the niche of the website you created, that would be a good option as well. Be creative, the skies the limits. Best of all, it’s pretty much automated money as no content curation is required.


Optional Step 5) Flip the Site

Want to make even more money? Sell the website! There’s plenty of domain sales and auction sites out there. If the website is getting traffic and making money, you could sell it as a venture.