Initial Thoughts / Review Of Clix Cents

One major part of internet monetization is looking for new and innovative networks to make money off of. When doing this, one must be very skeptical of the entity and the offers they’re giving. But one must also be willing to experiment with various techniques, tactics and networks as well.

Today, I’m taking a look at Clix Cents. Clix Cents is a pay to click network. People register and get paid to click on ads. Sounds easy, right? Well….It is. The problem is that easy isn’t always profitable. Usually easy money has to be done in bulk or automated (my personal preference).

Pay to click networks is one of the internet monetization methods I usually don’t mess with. Why? Because the majority of them are scams, payouts are usuallyshit and I really don’t feel like sitting around clicking on ads all day. Doesn’t mean that you can’t make money, and if you’re a newbie trying to get started in internet monetization, P2C might be a good starter to get your feet wet. The profits could be used to invest in hosting, domain name and website.


Clix Cents Full Of Red Flags

There are many red flags I’ve noticed when simply registering and reading the content on the webpage. Enough for me to have no interest in the platform (doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, just means it’s not for me). Here’s what I’ve found:


Inactive Account Termination

Clix Cents will terminate any accounts that are inactive for a month. It’s not that difficult to login and click an ad every month, but it could eliminate the chance of doing a back-to-back Cataract Canyon / Grand Canyon raft trip (which I’m hoping to pull off this spring) or the ability to go to jail and say “fuck it, at least I’m still making money while I’m here” (which I’m hoping not to do, ever…..).

For me, this is not a good fit. The majority of my internet monetization is off of SEO. It runs in the background, organic traffic enters the site, clicks and converts. There are some networks that I might not check for months. There’s some networks I don’t check at all. PayPal simply notifies me of payouts.


Min Payout: $1.00

At least the minimum payout is low. Makes it convenient for testing it out and making sure the network actually pays.


The Clix Cents Process

Check out the video above to see what is required to make money off Clix Cents. You click on one of the various ads, wait a specified duration, enter a captcha and get paid jack shit in earnings. Yay! I guess if you were that broke or you’re from a foreign country where the exchange rate is high (don’t know if payouts are same for all countries).


Must Login Daily For Affiliate Earnings

And here is why this program really isn’t for me. Hell, I didn’t even bother including an affiliate link to Clix Cents (the link at top is non-ref) because it doesn’t matter anyway.

Clix Cents requires you to click a min amount of daily ads just to get referral income! As mentioned above, I would be left wondering if I even login monthly. There’s no way in hell I’m logging on daily!


Does Clix Cents Pay?

Clix Cents requires users to post their payment proof before getting paid. One can easily assume that means the platform pays. But when one does a Google search, one also finds plenty of claims of fraud. Of course, it seems as though those claims will surface with any network. One payment could slip through the cracks somehow and that will result in someone crying wolf (although you can’t blame ’em. I’m be pissed if my payments went missing too!).


Pay Clix Cents To Make Them Pay More

On the blackhat forums, you’ll see everyone stating that you have to upgrade your account in order to get decent payouts that make it worthwhile. Maybe that’s true. I’m not about to test the waters out. If anyone does have experience with this, please share it on the comments below. Feel free to shoot out your ref code as well.


My Final Clix Cents Review

As mentioned earlier, the affiliate / referral program isn’t worth it to me. That would be the only thing that makes me interested in this program. Outside of that, it’s only good for generating content (like what you’re reading today). If I was actually into P2C as a direct money source, maybe my views would be different. But since that’s not the case, I feel Clix Cents is a waste of time.

Internet monetization tactics isn’t a 1-size fits all, however. Therefore, don’t let my review prevent you from at least trying the platform out.