Can You Really Make Money Off Online Surveys?

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A lot of newbies looking into internet monetization will usually be looking into methods of making money off the internet without having to make an initial investment. It makes sense, as they’re skeptical and don’t want to invest into something that will fail. And for good reason; I’ve made many failed IM investments, whether it’s the hosting and domain registration or purchasing a tool or product that doesn’t work as expected or just never gets used. Even if it’s a small investment, it still sucks taking a loss. When it’s lost PayPal money that’s being generated from internet income, it’s not that bad. If I was coming out of pocket, it’d be a little different.

Online surveys seem like a real good start for some. Unfortunately, they pay next to nothing and are very time consuming.


No, Online Surveys Are Not Worth It!

I personally feel that online surveys are not worth it. Takes too much effort. If I could be making the income the surveys generated in an automated fashion, it might be different. Unfortunately that’s not the case.


Free Making Money Alternatives To Online Surveys

As I touched on earlier, one appeal of online surveys is the ability to make easy money from home with no upfront investment. Since that’s the aim of most people, I want to provide some alternatives to making free online income.

Free Hosted Blogging – Start a Blogger blog and monetize it with AdSense or other display advertisements. Blogger is 100% free. In order to make money off this, you’ll have to learn the basics of search engine optimization. Organic search engine traffic is “automated” in a sense that it’s a constant flow of people who are actually looking for the content you’re curating.

Affiliate Marketing – Many networks require a website, which does cost money in the form of hosting and domain registration. I’m sure there are affiliate programs out there that will allow for a free hosted blog as a website. There’s probably some out there that will allow signup without any web presence at all. I’d highly suggest building a website if you’re planning on getting into affiliate marketing.

Fiverr GigsFiverr is a cool little website where you offer a service, stunt or anything for just $5. Think of something that you could do 100% free and put it on Fiverr and see what happens!

Link Sharing Networks –¬†These link sharing ad networks can be profitable when done correctly. The concept is simple, shorten a link (think Bitly) and share the link. The content of the link will be displayed along with some form of advertisement, either in the form of a framed banner an or an interstitial ad.

NSFW Tumblr – Perhaps the easiest method of making “free autopilot money” without any upfront investment. Tumblr is very liberal about their content policy and allow for the use of many different adult ad types. Read the full guide to making money off NSFW Tumblr.

Paid Tweets – Yes, there is such a thing as getting paid simply to tweet. In order to do this right, you’ve got to have a lot of followers. Start working on that Klout Score, yo!

Become A Cam Model – Get on your webcam and give the tricks a good show!

Donate Plasma – Your body regenerates it naturally anyway. It’s not internet income, but it’s “free” and¬†definitely way more effective than online surveys.

Sell Ebooks On Ebay – Ebooks are 100% to produce. Simply create some ebooks and place them on Ebay.

Pay-Per-DownloadPay-Per-Download (PPD) networks allow you to upload files and monetize the file downloads. You must own the content that’s uploaded, so either curate your own or find public domain work.

Become A YouTube Publisher – It’s possible to make money as a YouTube publisher, and YouTube pays a very generous CPM and CPC. YouTube is connected to Google’s AdSense product, and as long as your channel’s in good standings, the unique curated content can be monetized. Public domain movies can be uploaded and monetized as well.

Start A Podcast – With BlogTalkRadio, you can start a podcast free. BlogTalkRadio offers revenue share, but the payouts pretty crappy. The real money is in either affiliate marketing or sponsorships. To get your podcast sponsored, you’ll need a decent following and probably something a little more “proprietary” than BlogTalkRadio, but it’s a great stepping stone in the right direction.


And Much, Much More….

I’m sure there’s methods of monetizing the internet without an investment that I’m not even aware about. And if you’re willing to put a little money upfront for a domain name and web hosting, the possibilities grow by leaps and bounds. Browse this site and you’ll learn many tactics for internet monetization.