Blackhat Twitter Method: Fake Cam Girl Profiles



Here is a simple method for making money off of Twitter. The only thing that is required is a Twitter account and a good webcam affiliate program, preferably one that offers PPL. CrakRevenue is a great option, as they’ve got multiple programs that qualify.


Step 1) Create the Twitter Account

The first step is to create a Twitter account. I’d suggest using a random name generator to suggest a female name. Add “xxx” or something to the Twitter handle so they know she’s a performer. Make sure there’s no nudity in the profile picture or banner. For the¬†description, let people know that you can find her on a specific cam network and place the affiliate link in the website area.


Step 2) Find Selfie Images

The next step is to find a bunch of selfie images or photos of amateur girls. Big bonus if you can find a collection of photos from the same girl. If not, the girls at least need to look like each other. The chick can’t be white one day and black the next day.


Step 3) Tweet

Compose tweets, post selfies, retweet some shit, whatever. The trick is to get a lot of horny guys following you. Be sure to occasionally tweet out affiliate links to various cam sites with the call-to-action to find them on the site. Since it’s PPL, you get paid for free signups. Be sure to use relevant tags so that other Twitter uses can find and follow you.