Blackhat Empireviews / Linkbucks Trick

This is a very simple trick to easily make money with Linkbucks on autopilot. Empireviews is an autosurf platform. Users register and accumulate points for having their browser open up various other websites. Points are spent on purchasing views. Empireviews warns against linking to sites with ads, as it might be against a networks TOS, so be warned. However, there’s been many success stories with this tactic and no real stories of being banned. Adfly and other similar link sharing networks haven’t been as lucky.

The trick itself is very simple. Accumulate points via Empireviews and submit a Linkbucks link. You’ll accumulate points for having the browser open and profit directly from the Linkbucks income.


Take It A Step Further

Both Linkbucks and Empireviews have an affiliate program. With Linkbucks, you make a percentage of the profits. With Empireviews you get a points whenever your referrals gain points. So go through your cell phone contact list and get all of your friends signed up on both services. Get their computers accumulating points during idle time and keep a Linkbucks link going at all times. You’ll gain free points with Empireviews and generate passive income from your friends efforts. Plus, they’ll thank you for whatever passive income they earn in a month.

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