Best / Most Profitable Webcam Model Referral Programs

Recently, I jumped into the camming niche hardcore with a camming model resource site. Obviously the main method for monetization was webcam agent / model referral programs. Curiously enough, I’m also making decent money off referring the end-users as well. I’m not complaining, as diversification is always good and with any niche site you should be looking at every way to monetize your efforts.

It’s a fairly new project, so things might evolve over time, especially after hitting new longtails and securing a couple crucial keywords that I’m not ranking ‘good enough’ for yet. After some linkbuilding and new traffic, this might change. But for the moment, here’s what I’ve noticed:


Stay Away From ICamz / Internet Modeling

If you’re Googling “Webcam model referral programs”, you’ll probably come across ICamz and Internet Modeling very quickly. At first glance, they look like money from an affiliate marketing standpoint. Anytime I see “lifetime revshare” my eyes light up green with little dollar signs instead of pupils.

Doing a little research into the camming industry, and you’ll find that both these networks are Streamate studios. A studio is a company partnered with a camming network. They register models under them, the models perform on the camming network and the studio takes a cut of their profit. There are good studios and there are bad studios.

If you search for comments and reviews of these two particular studios on either Google or the various camming forums and communities, you’ll find that most seasoned models will tell the newbies to stay away from the studios, and that if they want to be a Streamate model to register with Streamate directly.

It appears as referrals to these two studios do some research when registering and that hurts conversion rates. Aside from that, I’m too legit of a person to not warn the models that they can register for Streamate directly and keep more of the money. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot there, but I’ll take integrity over money anyday.


Most Profitable Model Referral Agent Programs

So, now that I’ve shat on Internet Modeling and ICamz, lets look at what really works (at least for my traffic):

Chaturbate – I love Chaturbate. They use the same links for model referral as they do for customer referral. What this means is that all the people finding my site looking for “list of camming networks” and similar queries will count as referrals, even though the content is meant for camming models.

With other networks, you might have separate model referral and customer referral links. With this, you have to pick and choose and for this particular project I’m obviously going with the model referral.

Chaturbate pays $50 for every referred broadcaster. They also offer revshare or PPL for customer referral. In addition to affiliate links, the pop-unders and IM ads will work for both model and end-user referral. You’re also able to create a whitelabeled version of Chaturbate, if you’re doing the whole whitelabel thing.

iFriends – iFriends pays $100 per qualified model referral, but it hasn’t converted traffic as well as Chaturbate does. Maybe it’s the name recognition? iFriends offers a lot of cool features such as fanclubs, selling content sets, accepting paid calls and more. This makes it easy to blog about in ways that attract many different kinds of longtails.

Jasmin – The Jasmin / LiveJasmin model referral program offers a very interesting Revshare model. You’ll earn a 36% revshare for the first year and it’s a tiered system after that. Jasmin is one of the oldest networks and carries a lot of name recognition. They’ve also got some very handy affiliate tools, such as the webcam model income calculator, which is the number one driver of traffic to their program for me.

MyDirtyHobby – I honestly didn’t expect this one to perform as well. Maybe because the bulk of my traffic is American and this is a European camming network with the primary language being German. It’s possible that it’s what small percentage of European traffic I have that’s converting with this program, and makes me think that I need to look into other Euro camming networks. They offer a 10% revshare and I love revshare.


How To Promote Model Referral Programs

Here’s some of the ways I’ve promoted these model referral programs:

Blogging – Blogging and SEO is the number one way I’ve promoted these programs. This has primarily been through the model resource site linked-to above. I’ve also got some other webmaster resource sites built that I’ve used for blogging as well.

Social Media – Twitter is the second best channel I’ve had luck with. Aside from the normal posting, blog syndication and whatnot, I’ve found that direct messages in Twitter is money. Whether a model even gives you the time of day is hit-or-miss, but those that are receptive to conversation are great.

Try to find some piece of advice you can give them. For example; If their Twitter website is linking directly to their chatroom without an affiliate link, maybe send them a message letting them know that they’re missing out on the revshare on anyone that could be referred via Twitter. It’s value-added icebreakers like this that will get their attention.

Email Contact Form – On my website I’ve got an email contact form. I’ve received many inquiries and this is a great opportunity to foster 1-on-1 communication. Best of all, affiliate links can be added directly to the email body, making it insanely easy to get the traffic.

Forums and Communities – I haven’t done too much of this (mainly out of laziness) but I have had luck with it. There are many camming forums, adult forums and money making forums that could produce qualified traffic. Most forums allow for affiliate links in the posts. I also keep a couple signature links going to websites or specific content.