Affiliate Programs

What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is sort of a very loose “partnership” between a company and the general public. Affiliated marketers, as their called, are the individuals registered with various affiliate programs. These affiliates use various web-based means to refer traffic to the company. Through the use of URL-tagging and cookies, the company is able to determine which affiliate the conversion should be attributed to. The affiliate is paid accordingly.

Affiliate Networks
Blue Snap
Commission Junction
Google Affiliate Network
Share A Sale

Direct Affiliate Networks

There are also many companies that offer direct affiliate programs. Direct affiliate programs are hosted by the companies offering the products themselves, rather than an affiliate network. Many direct affiliate payouts are more generous than affiliate network payouts as you’re essentially “cutting out the middle man” that is the affiliate network itself. Many direct affiliate programs offer revenue-share as well, which can be much more valuable for the long-term.

Direct affiliate program example; A2 Hosting offers a direct affiliate program that pays out $85 per sale.

To find programs in your niche, simply Google; “%NICHE% Affiliate Programs” and you’ll find plenty of programs and lists of programs.