3 Methods For Making Money Off Netflix

Blackhat Netflix3 Methods For Making Money Off Netflix

If you’re a Netflix user, you’re paying a monthly subscription for their service. They’re making money off you, but have you ever wondered how to make some money off of them? Here are three money making tactics to make a profit off of Netflix


Netflix Affiliate Program

This one is real straight forward and simple. Join the Netflix affiliate program and promote it just like you would any other affiliate program. Netflix pays a commission everytime a browser clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for their service.


Create Movie Review Site

By the way, this review site could be used to promote your affiliate links Review sites always work great, and there’s a lot of content on Netflix. Simply create a website or blog, watch content on Netflix and write a review of the movie. Follow the SEO best practices to make your webpage rank high and share the links to your reviews through social media. The website can be monetized using display ads, pop-unders and other forms of internet monetization.


Pirate Netflix Content

Whether it’s from using a screen recording program or tool to download Netflix content, there’s methods for pirating the Netflix content. How do you monetize it though? There’s plenty of methods. You could burn it to DVD and actually sell the hardcopy content. Alternatively, you could create a torrent. There are many methods of monetizing torrent downloads, but that’s something for another blog post.