*Stickied* List of Ways To Make Money

  Here you go, the master list of ways to make money. As new techniques are added to this website, they’ll also be added here. This post will be stickied, as so it always hovers right there at the top. I’ve separated the methods into 2 categories: Free, and those that cost a little bit […]

Make Money Off Of Dead Horses

I read this funny story about a man auctioning a dead horse and had to share it: Just goes to show what a little creativity can do. Although I doubt very many people will ever end up in a situation like this, I’m sure the same concept could be applied to various other raffle stunts/

How To Earn Money Answering Quora Questions

Make Money Off Quora Quora is a very popular social networking site for asking and answering questions. People post their questions, ask specialists to answer and all the answers get voted up or down. Quora doesn’t allow for affiliate links, meaning it can’t be monetized directly. Quora can still drive conversions though. Here’s how to […]

Make Money Off Referral Programs

There is a lot of money to be made off referral programs. Referral programs are affiliate programs (for all intents and purposes). The way I differentiate referral programs from affiliate programs, is that referral programs usually offer a rev-share (hopefully lifetime) while affiliate programs seem to be more commissioned based. A good example of referral […]

Make Money For Free By Starting A Blogspot Blog

  Get paid for writing. What could be more simple? There are bloggers out there, every day, making tons of cash simply by writing. Hell, I’m one of of them. This is one of the blogs that generates me income. This is a self-hosted WordPress blog though, which requires a little bit of investment. Today, […]

Make Money Off YouTube and Public Domain Videos

This is a really simple method of making money off YouTube using public domain videos. It’s incredibly simple, although it’s by no means a get rich quick scheme. The advantage of this trick is that it’s going to be a residual source of income, as long as the channel is getting views. Step 1: Create […]

HitLeap Blogger Method For Autopilot Cash

  Here’s a method of making residual cash on autopilot using HitLeap and Blogger. HitLeap is an autosurfing traffic exchange site and Blogger is a free blogging platform produced by Google. Step 1: Sign up for HitLeap. We’ll need this to generate traffic. Step 2:¬†Create a new Blogger blog. Step 3: Sign up for Shortest. […]

Make Money By Pinning Porn

  Who doesn’t love porn? And who wouldn’t love to make some money off pinning porn? This technique is very simple. You upload porn photos to an ad network that pays per view, and pin those images to all the different porn pinning sites. Get Paid Sharing Porn Step 1) Sign up for PornEarn Step […]