*Stickied* List of Ways To Make Money

  Here you go, the master list of ways to make money. As new techniques are added to this website, they’ll also be added here. This post will be stickied, as so it always hovers right there at the top. I’ve separated the methods into 2 categories: Free, and those that cost a little bit […]

Best / Most Profitable Webcam Model Referral Programs

Recently, I jumped into the camming niche hardcore with a camming model resource site. Obviously the main method for monetization was webcam agent / model referral programs. Curiously enough, I’m also making decent money off referring the end-users as well. I’m not complaining, as diversification is always good and with any niche site you should […]

How To Create A Passive Income Off The Internet

There are many ways to make money off the internet. A lot of these methods of internet monetization leads to a passive income. It’s always nice to have residual money coming in on the side. Whether it’s extra spending money or enough to live off of. Luckily, making a passive income off the internet isn’t […]

Make Easy Money Uploading Porn To Tube Sites

Looking for a blackhat method for making money uploading porn to tube sites? This is a great method that requires very little investment and can pay off greatly. In order to pull of this tactic, you’ll need a domain name (use any registrar) and a bunch of porn videos scraped from the internet.   Step […]

Linkbucks Image Clickthrough Method For Making Money

Linkbucks¬†Money Making Method Click on the Linkbucks logo to the left and you’ll see exactly how this method works. It’s an incredibly simple method of making additional money from your website or blog. It can be done with any website you build, or by creating a free Blogger or WordPress blog. Using it on logos […]

Make Money Off Other People’s YouTube Videos

Make Money Off Other People’s YouTube Videos You don’t have to be a YouTube publisher to make money off of YouTube videos. It’s possible to make money off other people’s videos. This is done through embedding the videos onto a website and monetizing it via publisher ad networks, affiliate programs or other means. Here’s some […]

Make Money Selling Directory Submission on SEO Clerks

Make Money Selling Directory Submission on SEO Clerks This is a really simple method of making money and it’s all completely outsourced. This tactic involves selling directory submission services over SEO Clerks. SEO Clerks is a marketplace for selling and buying SEO services. This is where we’ll be selling the directory submission services. Step 1:¬†Register […]

Make Money Selling Hitleap / Empireviews Points and Views

Hitleap and EmpireViews are two autosurfing networks. Users get points by keeping a pop-up window open that will refresh with different websites and YouTube videos. The more website views the users get , the more points they receive. Points can be used to buy website views.   Make Money off Hitleap / Empireviews Points If […]