Initial Thoughts / Review Of Clix Cents

One major part of internet monetization is looking for new and innovative networks to make money off of. When doing this, one must be very skeptical of the entity and the offers they’re giving. But one must also be willing to experiment with various techniques, tactics and networks as well. Today, I’m taking a look […]

Best Adfly Alternatives

Are you an Adfly publisher looking for something better? There are numerous link sharing publisher networks out there, and each network is slightly different than others. Hell, you can even make your own Adfly clone website and modify it to work exactly the way you want it to. But here’s my favorite alternatives for Adfly   […]

Fasted Way To Make Money Off Of YouTube

Everyone is out there trying to make fast money off of the internet. In all honesty, most of the internet monetization stuff isn’t that fast. It’s more automated. Therefore, the more you do it, the more residual income gets generated in the background. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to make fast money.   Affiliate […]

Adult Affiliate Website Like Chaturbate

I seen this question asked in a Webmaster Tools query, I’d make a blog post out of it. The best webcam affiliate program I’ve ran into is definitely CrakRevenue. They’ve got a wide variety of various dating and cam websites, and many different payout types. Get paid per each free lead, earn revenue-sharing or get paid […]

Make Money Off Other People’s Social Shares

     Check out the social media sharing links. Those links aren’t just any kind of link. They’re connected to an ad network, and everytime anyone shares your content, you’ll get paid by any traffic that’s referred to your site. I’m not talking about just monetizing the referral traffic through traditional IM tactics. With these […]

How To Make Money Off Pinterest

  Okay, this article isn’t going to give up any particular niches or subject matter. This is just going to go over the concepts and what works and what doesn’t. Maybe I’ll discuss possible niches in later blog posts. Pinterest is a really popular website, especially with females. It drives some ridiculous traffic and can […]

Can You Really Make Money Off Online Surveys?

A lot of newbies looking into internet monetization will usually be looking into methods of making money off the internet without having to make an initial investment. It makes sense, as they’re skeptical and don’t want to invest into something that will fail. And for good reason; I’ve made many failed IM investments, whether it’s […]